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Our preferred carpet cleaning method

 Check out this short video and see us in action. The reason we get great results is because of how thorough our preferred carpet cleaning method is. It is deep but at the end of the day, so are spills and soil. If you have had problems in the past with stains reappearing shortly after a carpet clean, give us ago, you won't be disappointed.  

Why we should be your next carpet cleaner

It can prove to be a difficult task when choosing the right company. These days most people rely on Google to source a carpet cleaning company. As all as I can say is good luck. Even as a carpet cleaner, I find it hard to discern a good company from a not so good company. We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide want to make that task a little easier. That is why we have video footage above so you can see for yourself what you can expect. 

There are no cutting corners when it comes to delivering a quality carpet cleaning service. If that means spending a little more time on the job, then so be it. 

It is not just about improving the appearance of the carpet, although that is a direct benefit, It is about sanitising the carpet. Flushing out all contaminants from the carpet pile is very important to achieving this. Lastly, you want to ensure that you neutralise any odours. When We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide come into your home or office space, we always take these factors into consideration.

To ensure you get the best value for your money, We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide use top quality Australian made products (no cheap imitations). 

This could save you heaps $$ 

 Have you ever heard the following; "that stain won't come out" or "that trafficked area is as good as its gonna get"? Unsightly stains and trafficked areas can really bring down the look of any room. It can force you to consider buying new carpet which is not cheap. Before you start looking at replacing your carpet please consider the following. Perhaps that stain could have come out if the carpet cleaner spent a bit more time trying to remove it. We exhaust every avenue of stain removal procedures to remove or at least improve any unsightly carpeted areas you may have.

Consumer Warning 

Unfortunately, there is an ugly side to the carpet cleaning industry. Although not common, it does exist. We all get carpet cleaning deals in the letterbox that sound fantastic. Well, the truth is that most of them are misleading! They are nothing more than a tool used to get someone in the door at a cheap price, and then they upsell to you. Sometimes that initial price will triple or even more.

We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide do not conduct business like this. Our business relies heavily on repeat customers and word of mouth from happy customers, we cannot achieve either of the two if we deceive our customers.

Click on this link to see actual footage of how this plays out.

Services we provide

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Soiled lounge room before and after photo in Modbury

 Many factors come into play when steam cleaning carpet effectively. One of those factors is high heat. We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide produce hot water at 100 °C to really cut through the soil load. Coupled with the correct chemistry, amazing results can be achieved. Last of all, it is important to ensure no residue from detergents is left. This can cause your carpet to resoil at a faster rate and leaving the carpet feeling a little crunchy.  

Low moisture Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning before and after low moisture carpet cleaning Adelaide

 This is applied with a rotary device and is quite effective. A detergent is agitated into the carpet pile and the soil is encapsulated into the detergent. It then dries into a crystal that is removed with vacuuming. This method is ideal for when fast dry times are required. Depending on the level of soiling, drying times of less than 2 hours can be achieved. 

Upholstery Cleaning

Filthy upholstery cleaning results in Modbury.

 Upholstery cleaning can be a difficult task but if done correctly, great results can be achieved. Lounges can be quite a large investment so care needs to be taken throughout the cleaning process. This also means taking steps to ensure your flooring  We can remove food and drink spills, perspiration and even if the kids have drawn on the fabric. We can also take care of your dining chairs and even fabric bedheads.

Mattress Cleaning

Dust mite cleaning from a mattress in Modbury

 It is extremely beneficial to steam clean your mattress on a periodic basis. Even if visually it looks fine, you're always going to have dust mites. Our cleaning process will not only remove the mites, it will remove there excrement as well. We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide can also treat unwanted bodily fluids that may have come into contact with your mattress.  

Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning Modbury

 We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provide onsite cleaning of your rugs. We do however recommend for owners of delicate rugs like Persian and Orientals to seek the services of rug specialists that provide immersion methods. It costs a lot more than onsite cleaning, however there is less chance of dye bleeding. 

Need further confirmation that we are the company for you! Click the link to our photo gallery and you will see more before and after shots and see the standard we aim for. Also, check out our upholstery cleaning video on the dining chair.  

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 We service all of Adelaide and surrounding areas. If you live out of the area, give us a call as we do travel.    

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