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Our preferred carpet cleaning method

If a picture says a thousand words, a video clip has to say a million. This method of carpet cleaning is deep and the results are amazing. If your carpets are long overdue for a clean, We Do Carpet Cleaning needs to be your next choice.

What we can do for you

Carpet Cleaning

stain removal carpet cleaning bedroom adelaide

It may surprise some people to know that carpet cleaning is quite complex. It involves chemistry, certain application techniques and a lot of patience. It is definitely not a simple case of one size fits all. We Do Carpet Cleaning technicians have plenty of experience in dealing with these facets so your carpets will get the very best treatment. We provide steam cleaning and low moisture cleaning methods.

Upholstery Cleaning

reclining chair upholstery cleaning adelaide

We Do Carpet Cleaning love dealing with unsightly upholstery. Whether it be lounges, dining chairs or even fabric bed heads our cleaning method will bring them back to life. Our preferred cleaning method is quite aggressive and deep, so you will be surprised what sort of stains and soil we can remove. Dust mites don't stand a chance either. 

Mattress Cleaning

sanitizing mattress

Mattresses can become a haven for dust mites and contribute to dermatological effects ie. asthma and eczema. They also can be exposed to bodily fluids which means bacteria can flourish. We Do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide use the required chemistry and clean with high heat (100ºC) to ensure your mattress is left sanitized and looking and smelling fresh. 

Car Interior

Car interior cleaning Adelaide

If your car interior is looking worse for wear due to food and drinks spills, smelling a little weird or maybe your considering selling, give us a call. Our upholstery cleaning method will leave the fabrics of your car looking like they should. We can also apply fogging treatments to deal with malodors from pets or cigarette smoke.

Rug Cleaning

rug cleaning Adelaide

Rugs are a great addition to any home. To get the maximum lifespan out of your rug, regular steam cleaning is a must. You may be tempted to have a go at washing it yourself the old fashion way, on hands and knees with a brush and a bucket of detergent, but who has time for that. Also depending on the type of rug, you may cause damage and dyes to run.

Commercial & Residential

we provide commercial carpet cleaning

Our services extend to both commercial and residential environments. Basically wherever you have carpet or upholstery, if you have a little or a lot, we can clean it. We also cover high rise units. A lot of carpet cleaning firms avoid high rise units due to either not being equipped or can't be bothered unpacking a whole lot of equipment.

If you're not convinced yet, click on our gallery to see more before and after pictures and videos.

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