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Our preferred carpet cleaning method

 It's one thing to tell you how thorough our carpet cleaning service is, It's another to show you actual footage. If this level of service doesn't appeal to you, then you're not after a deep clean.  

Why we should be your next carpet cleaner

If you are looking for a quality carpet cleaning company, look no further. We Do Carpet Cleaning Windsor Gardens go above and beyond to deliver on every job. The importance of choosing the right carpet cleaners could be the difference between stains being removed or not. It could also mean that your drab looking carpet laneways don’t get the thorough treatment they require.

We Do Carpet Cleaning Windsor Gardens technicians ensure that the correct chemistry is used to deal with whatever the stain may be that we are dealing with, and we also ensure that we neutralise all chemistry we have utilised leaving your carpet looking and feeling fresh.

The other advantage of employing our carpet cleaning service is that we allocate sufficient time to complete a job. What this means is, some carpet cleaning companies try to book in as many as 5 jobs a day per technician with the hope that everything runs smooth. In our experience, rarely does anything run smoothly when trying to tackle stains. Sometimes they can be removed with one attempt, sometimes they can take 3-4 attempts to successfully remove. So with that in mind, We Do Carpet Cleaning Windsor Gardens allocate 2-3 jobs a day to ensure we can exhaust all avenues of stain removal procedures.

Well now that we have told you a little about our service and have provided a real-life video example above of our preferred carpet cleaning method, the only thing you must do now is give us a call and book in our service. You won't regret it as we aim to be your only choice for carpet cleaners in the future.

We Do carpet cleaning specialise in

Results like this don't come easy. We are meticulous when it comes to cleaning carpets.


  • Carpet steam cleaning Windsor Gardens
  • Carpet low moisture cleaning Windsor Gardens
  • Stain removal Windsor Gardens
  • Upholstery cleaning Windsor Gardens
  • Mattress cleaning Windsor Gardens
  • Car interior cleaning Windsor Gardens
  • Commercial carpet cleaning Windsor Gardens

If you love your lounge like we do, give us a call for your next clean. We will ensure it gets the treatment it deserves.

Need further confirmation that we are the company for you, click the link to our photo gallery and you will see more before and after shots and see the standard we aim for. Also, check out our upholstery cleaning video on the dining chair.  

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