Some people may think that carpet and upholstery cleaning is not exactly a glamorous job. The truth is it's not, however as you will see our 'before and after' pictures, plenty of job satisfaction is available. The pictures below demonstrate the ability to remove stubborn stains like pet urine, ink, blood, red wine and soft drink etc.

We get results like this on a daily basis purely because we are thorough. We enjoy pushing stains to the limits, and we love getting results where others have failed.


Check out the results on this dining chair. It had endured years of food spills from kids. It also had some chewing gum embedded for good measures. You will see in this clip that it's not a quick once over to get a good result. A lot of the chair required multiple cleaning passes to ensure a thorough job was achieved.

Another example of a quality carpet clean. 

Urine decontamination is difficult and sometimes extra measures need to be taken to get the desired result.

When we say we clean with high heat, we mean it.