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Can you remove pet urine stains?

 We all love our pets but unfortunately they have accidents from time to time. There are 2 sides to successfully treating pet urine. The odour and bacteria side, and the visible marking/stain side. We employ specialised chemistry to deal with both of these.

With that in mind, due to the chemistry of pet urine, the amount and how much time has passed, sometimes successful treatment is unachievable. We have come up against 100's of urine stains over the years and had much success, so give us a call to deal with your unwanted pet stain.

Why shouldn't i hire DIY equipment and clean my carpets myself?

This is a popular option in this day and age due to the DIY revolution. Most people are enticed by this option due to price. We understand the need to save but is it worth it? For example, after you hire the machine and the products/detergents you up for about $80-$90.00. You then need to spend hours attempting to clean your carpets.

The other issue with this option is the strength of the machine and the power of the detergents. For example, the water pressure on these machines is approximately 25psi. This is not enough pressure to penetrate deep into the fiber, this means you can not flush out deep embedded soil or stains. We clean at between 250-400psi, over 10x the pressure meaning a deeper clean. 

Another major difference between DIY and us is heat. When you fill the machine with hot water from your tap, it is around 60ºC. By the time that water reaches the carpet cleaning wand and the face of the carpet, you have already lost another 10-15°C meaning you are cleaning at approximately 45-50°C. We heat water temperature up to 100°C (boil your kettle and that's 100°C) which cuts through the soil like a hot knife through butter. 

Finally, the suction between DIY and us is not even comparable. This will mean less soil is extracted from deep in the carpet. 

So in summary, if you opt for a DIY option, you need to be prepared for;

  • pick up and drop off machinary
  •  hours of manual labour
  • the real chance that stains will not be removed, even basic ones
  • traffic lanes will still look grubby

What's the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning?

Perhaps this can be best answered simply by saying that dry cleaning is considered to be a maintenance clean, and steam cleaning is considered a restorative clean. Reason being, dry cleaning predominantly relies on soil transfer to a fabric bonnet after a cleaning agent has been applied. Steam cleaning will apply a cleaning agent directly to the carpet and allow to dwell to break up soil and neutralise odours. After the detergent has done its job, pressurised hot water is applied to flush out soil and detergent whilst being extracted by suction. It's also worth noting that steam cleaning allows a lot more room for additional chemistry which is essential for dealing with unsightly stains.

In summary, both methods can produce great results if applied correctly. 

Last time my carpets were cleaned, it looked fine. A week later, the marks reappeared. Why is that?

This is referred to as 'wicking' and can occur from a number of reasons.  Basically wicking is a result of not removing the entirety of a mark or stain. A portion is removed hence carpets look clean initially, then the remainder deep down is drawn up through the fiber and resurfacing. Here are the main reasons;

  • Incorrect prior cleaning attempts by the occupant. 9 times out of 10, people will apply a cleaning product or even water directly to the spot. Once this occurs, the spot has now been diluted and pushed further down into the carpet and possibly into the backing and even underlay. Now once the carpet cleaner comes along to clean the carpets, the spots are removed but remanence reappear a short time after from the backing. Any decent carpet cleaner will be able to take steps to help prevent this, but it is important to let them know of areas of concern where prior cleaning attempts have been made.
  • Incorrect application of cleaning method and inferior products used by carpet cleaner. Unfortunately some companies put to much emphasis on profit margins opting for cheaper products and reducing time spent on the job. As a result, soil and stains are only partially removed or sometimes not at all. 

I had another company clean my carpets and they still look terrible. They are only 12 months old.

If you find yourself in this position, firstly you need to be asking questions of the company who provided the service. We all proclaim satisfaction guarantees so you are well within your rights to ask what happened. The problem we usually find is once we speak to a customer in this situation, we would ask "how long did it take the cleaner to complete the job?". 90% of the time we would hear of ridiculously short times like 1 hour to do 4 bedrooms and a lounge room. Not to say that our times are the benchmark, but for us to do that same sized job, we would spend around 2½ hours. The problem with not spending enough time is you don't get a thorough job and stains and soil don't get removed. It also possibly means that detergents haven't been thoroughly rinsed potentially causing damage to your carpet, also causing them to re-soil quicker.

If you have received a poor job, give us a call and we will gladly pop in when we are next in your area and give you an independent opinion otherwise, book us in for your next carpet clean and you will see what a thorough service can achieve. 

Can you get rid of dust mites?

Yes we can. The most important aspect of treating a mattress for dust mites is removing the fecal matter and carcasses. This is the nasty stuff that can cause dermatological affects and respiratory issues. Our hot water extraction process takes care of the mite and all traces leaving your mattress sanitized and feeling fresh.

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